i3N integrates top facilities as required by high level research groups having as objective to be in forefront edge of research, technological development and innovation in the demanded areas of advanced micro/nano materials, nanotechnologies and nanosciences, and being responsible for boosting all known industry/applied research. This involves the use of high powerful computing tools; sophisticated labs for characterization and processing activities, such as clean rooms; use of  ophisticated equipment’s, in some cases highly expensive, such as SEM/FIB or ultra high vacuum units to process materials and devices; use of raw materials, special gases and components, among others. All this requires running funds, not only to maintain the existing facilities, but also to purchase the consumables and to pay the assistance to match existing tools for a specific process or characterization required along an experience or project. To this, we must add also some seed money for the development of novel ideas, as well as to participate on missions.

For the large infrastructures, the required running funds are substantially larger, such as the funds required to maintain the existing 400 m2 clean room facility, for the purpose of supporting research in the fields of microelectronics, electronic materials, nanotechnology, microfluidics, bioengineering, and devices and integrated circuits, requiring a low density particle environment.

i3N Lisbon | Laboratory of Nuclear Magnetic Resonance - NMR spectroscopy
i3N Lisbon | Laboratory of Dielectric, Magnetic and Optical Characterization of Materials and Sensors
i3N Lisbon | Laboratory of Electronic and Optoelectronic Materials and Devices
i3N Lisbon | Laboratory of Nanofabrication
i3N Lisbon | Laboratory of Rheology
i3N Lisbon | Laboratory of Structural Materials
i3N Lisbon | National Scientific Re-equipment Program
i3N Lisbon | General Use Laboratory
i3N Aveiro | Modeling and simulation Lab

Cluster ARGUS: 40 servers,Cluster Infiniband FDR56,with a total of 1020 physical cores and 5TB RAM; Cluster BLAFIS - 50 servers, conected by Infiniband DDR, with a total of 584 physical cores and 1.9TB RAM. 

i3N Aveiro | Synthesis, Growth and Processing of Materials Lab

Fusion, sintering, sol-gel, combustion, microwave, laser zone fusion, DC and RF sputtering, e-beam deposition, thermal Gloveevaporation, spin-coating, spray-pyrolysis, MPCVD, thermal CVD, Glove box.




i3N Aveiro | Strctural charaterization Lab


i3N Aveiro | Electrical and Magnetical Characterization Lab

EPR, VSM, electrical measurements  (10-1500K, 0-6 GHz).ICEM EPR

i3N Aveiro | Optical Spectroscopy Lab

FTIR, Absorption (UV, VIS, IR), transmission (UV, VIS, IR), photoluminescence, electroluminescence, FTIRphotoconductivity, lifetimes, Raman.

i3N Aveiro | Materials and devices for energy Lab

Solar simulator, I-V and C-V of photovoltaic cells.Ice

i3N Aveiro | Radiation detection, Medical Physics and Biophysics Lab

Detectors and generators of ionizing radiation, TAC, PET, X-ray Idrfluorescence imaging.

i3N Aveiro | NOLab

Optical and electro-optical characterization of materials, quantum emission yield, color coordinates, No Lab fs Laser radiance and luminance, Laser printing of Bragg gratings in optical fibers for sensors.

i3N Aveiro | QSALab

NO Lab Pilot Unit