i3N Facts and Figures

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In the 2013-2017 period i3N had an important scientific production namely:

  • 1487 publications in international peer reviewed journals, some of them published at SCIENCE, NATURE PHYSICS, and CHEMICAL REVIEWS;
  • A high number of books and book chapters of international distribution and book editions in a total of 113;
  • The average publication rate is 2.4/PhD/year, but will increase at least 35% after 2012 with the new approved rules;
  • From 2013 to 2017 the number of publications increased 20%;
  • A high number of granted patents special international ones and with well recognized industries like SAMSUNG, YDREAMS and ETRI/LG;
  • In terms of projects, i3N always applied for projects (national and international) with competitive funding, and the research team rose around 38 M€ in 2013-2017 period (FCT + EC+ Industry). Highly competitive EC+Industry projects correspond to 79% of i3N funding;
  • 4 ERCs granted to i3N researchers (1 AdG; 1 CoG; 2 StG);
  • The collaboration of i3N with industry is translated by projects directly financed by national and international companies; national QREN projects; EU IP projects, whose funds reach more than 16 M€. From this 30% were from direct industrial contracts with national and international companies;
  • The funding of i3N through the Pluriannual Programme and Strategic Project of FCT corresponds to 21% of the total funding of the research institute. This seed-funding scheme is of vital importance for the development of the R&D activities of i3N, which was able to leverage this more than 4 times by other competitive funding means.
    This was indeed recognized by FCT-MEC in the form of a “top-up funding ” as a measure to stimulate international competitiveness of researchers working in Portugal and of national institutions, in particular the one that results in attracting international funding;
  • A large number of international awards and recognitions attributed to members of i3N (for example the Czochralski Medal to E. Fortunato in 2017).

i3N adopted a well-defined strategy for scientific collaborations at international level. i3N researchers participated periodically, as contributors or invited/plenary speakers in top-level international conferences and workshops.

Furthermore i3N members organized a significant number of conferences/workshops, from which we would like to highlight a nature workshop; 3 E-MRS conferences and 4 workshops in the European Parliament with scientists and science policy makers. The success of this internationalization strategy is judged by the on-going collaborations with top R&D institutions, including the participation in European Networks of Excellence and European Projects and the number of papers having joint collaborations: > 60% from 51 countries.

A noteworthy contribution to education and training, through 73 PhD thesis and more than 200 master thesis finished.

i3N is very proud to have a large amount of plenary and invited talks given worldwide which is a solid
recognition of the excellent research done at i3N.