i3N conducts research in the strongly multidisciplinary field  of advance materials, nanotechnology and nanosciences.

The mission of i3N is:

  • Promoting scientific excellence and innovation in Sustainable Functional Advanced Materials, using green  technologies, to serve a plethora of fields and for socio-economical ends, aligned with the Sustainable Development Objectives and the Green Deal;
  • Remaining at the international leading edge of research by fostering breakthroughs concepts and exploiting materials and device properties at nanoscale level;
  • Promoting practical application of R&D+I results, including the transfer to the industry; 
  • To provide access of the institute facilities and equipment to the technical-scientific community and lending assistance to industry; 
  • Training and enabling the continuous education of scientific (including MSc and PhD students) and technical researchers, able to account for the challenges of science and technology cross cutting fields; 
  • Fostering public awareness, engagement and understanding of advanced materials, nanoscale science, engineering and nanotechnology; 
  • Providing scientific and technical evidences able to sustain the Public Policies for the changes of the future;

I3n has defined the following key performance indicators for achieving its mission:

  • Scientific papers in high ranked journals;
  • Balance between national founds and externally founds, specially through European Projects and Contracts with industry;

I3N focuses on three main issues to pursue its mission;

  • To create a top environment for international scientific talent;
  • To create strong multidisciplinary cohesion within the infrastructure;
  • To be a national leader and international key player in nanotechnology and advance materials;