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Rui N. Pereira
Principal Researcher


Orcid: 0000-0003-1146-7506
Research ID: J-7011-2013
Scopus: 24774634700

telephone: 00351 234 378 108
fax: 00351 234 378 197

Institute for Nanostructures, Nanomodelling and Nanofabrication, Department of Physics, University of Aveiro, 3810-193 Aveiro, Portugal

PEOPLE | i3N Aveiro


Semiconductor physics; nanoscience and nanotechnology; low dimensional structures including nanocrystals for (opto)electronics; optical, magnetic, and dielectric properties of nanomaterials; electronic doping, core-shell interactions, and surface manipulation of semiconductor nanoparticles; charge transport in nanoparticle systems and small molecule absorption effects; application of nanomaterials in photovoltaics; solution-processed thin-films for (opto)electronics.

- Physics and manipulation of semiconductor nanostructures.

- Impurity-induced n- and p-type doping of semiconductor nanocrystals.

- Surface doping effects of semiconductor nanocyrstals, via molecular adsorption or functionalization.

- Application of nanomaterials based on silicon in optoelectronics.

- Magnetic resonance spectroscopy of nanomaterials.

- Local charge, energy and spin transfer phenomena across core/shell nanocomposite systems.

- Nanoparticle thin films for sensor and optical applications.

- Long-range transport properties through functional nanocrystal networks.

- Printed of semiconductor materials.

- Surface-functionalization of semiconductor nanoparticles.

- Nanoparticle synthesis with plasma-assisted methods."


Research Stimulus Prize for PhD research projects awarded by the Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation in 2012


R. N. Pereira, J. Coutinho, S. Niesar, T. A. Oliveira, W. Aigner, H. Wiggers, M. J. Rayson, P. R. Briddon, M. S. Brandt, M. Stutzmann Resonant electronic coupling enabled by small molecules in nanocrystal solids NANO LETTERS 14, 3817 (2104).

R. N. Pereira, A. J. Almeida, A. R. Stegner, M. S. Brandt, H. Wiggers Exchange Coupled Donor Dimers in Nanocrystal Quantum Dots PHYSICAL REVIEW LETTERS 108, 126806 (2012).

S. Niesar, R. N. Pereira, A. R. Stegner, N. Erhard, M. Hoeb, A. Baumer, H. Wiggers, M. S. Brandt, M. Stutzmann Low-Cost Post-Growth Treatments of Crystalline Silicon Nanoparticles Improving Surface and Electronic Properties ADVANCED FUNCTIONAL MATERIALS 22, 1190–1198 (2012).

R. N. Pereira, A. R. Stegner, T. Andlauer, K. Klein, H. Wiggers, M. S. Brandt, M. Stutzmann Dielectric screening versus quantum confinement of phosphorus donors in silicon nanocrystals investigated by magnetic resonance PHYSICAL REVIEW B 79, 161304(R): 1-4 (2009)

A. R. Stegner, R. N. Pereira, K. Klein, R. Lechner, R. Dietmueller, M. S. Brandt, M. Stutzmann, H. Wiggers Electronic transport in phosphorus-doped silicon nanocrystal networks PHYSICAL REVIEW LETTERS 100, 026803 (2008)

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